Best Ways to Market your LA County Rental PropertyAdopting a proactive marketing strategy for your LA County rental property will help you in a number of beneficial ways. You’ll reach a larger pool of tenants, which means you’re likely to end up with a more qualified renter. You’ll rent your home quickly, which means you’ll save money on vacancy costs. And, you’ll have an opportunity to do some pre-screening by listing the rental price, move-in date, pet policy, and other critical information in the ad.

Good marketing saves you time and attracts tenants who are qualified to rent your property.

When you’re marketing your investment property, make sure you know who you’re trying to reach and how you can best reach your target audience.

Advertise your LA County Rental Home Online

Online advertising is important because it’s efficient and it casts a wide net. Most of your prospective tenants are looking for their next home online. You need to post your listing online, and you should make sure it’s on as many of the rental sites as possible. Sometimes, you can syndicate it so that one listing is sent out to dozens of platforms. You’ll want to advertise on Zumper, Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, and others.

You can also post and share your home for rent on social media channels. Look for local Facebook groups that can help you reach prospective tenants and encourage your network to share your listing with anyone who may be looking for a new home.

There’s Still a Place for Signage

While most tenants are looking for properties online, it’s still a good idea to put a sign in the yard. People are probably driving and walking through the neighborhood, and a For Rent sign can get their attention. Neighbors might know someone who wants to move.

It’s important to create a professional sign that is attention-grabbing and informational. It must include some basic information about the property, such as number of bedrooms and rental price. Make sure your phone number or other contact information is also on the sign you post.

Make the Showing Process Easy – and Follow Up!

Make the Showing Process Easy – and Follow Up!When your marketing efforts get the attention of prospective tenants, your strategy shouldn’t stop there. These potential renters will want to see your property, and you’ll need to facilitate an easy showing process. Many owners and LA County property managers are using technology and smart locks to allow prospective tenants to see the home on their own time.

Make sure you follow up with people who call for more information. Don’t leave messages unanswered. Tenants have a lot of options, especially good tenants, and they’ll move along to the next property on their list if you don’t answer your phone or respond to an email. Set up a showing, answer any questions, and follow up with an offer to provide an application. You want to get good tenants into your property quickly.

A great way to market your vacant property effectively is by working with a Los Angeles property management company. We have the technology to implement and automate online advertising, and we also have a vast network within the real estate community that allows us to rent your property quickly. If you’d like to hear more about how we can help you market a rental property in LA County, please contact us Bell Properties.