7 Ways to Keep Your LA County Residents Happy

Keeping your residents happy in their properties has financial benefits for you as a landlord in Los Angeles County. When you’re providing a great rental experience for your tenants, you’re increasing the likelihood that they will renew their lease at the end of the term. This means you’ll have fewer turnovers costs and a lower vacancy risk.

Think of your tenants as paying customers – that’s what they are. When you have a good tenant in place, do what you can to keep that tenant happy. Today, we’re suggesting seven ways you can do that.

Welcome Them to Their New Home

Leave a small welcome gift for your tenants when they move in. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; a gift basket with some food or small household items like soaps or dish towels would be perfect. In addition to a present, leave them some information they may find useful. A letter or a printout that lists the best local pizza places and the closest grocery stores can make a difference, for example. It might relieve some of the stress they feel from moving, and it provides great local resources.

Talk about Expectations and Responsibilities

With today’s technology, most owners and tenants sign the lease document electronically. That’s an excellent tool, but personal conversations can go a long way in developing a good tenant relationship. Before they move in, have an open and honest conversation about your expectations and their responsibilities. They’re going to need to know who is responsible for utilities, lawn care, and filter changes. These things are likely listed in the lease, but if you can talk about it before the lease term begins, everyone is on the same page. Tenants will appreciate that effort.

Don’t Be Shy About Expressing Gratitude

Let your tenants know that you value and appreciate them. When rent is paid on time consistently for six months, maybe send a thank you note with a free coffee gift card. If they report a maintenance issue that saves you from a potential large expense down the road, send a note that shows them how much you appreciate their attentiveness and care for your property. This type of gratitude is uncommon, and tenants will find it memorable.

Respond Promptly to Maintenance

Responding to repair needs with a sense of urgency always keeps tenants happy. It also protects the condition of your property. Make repairs right away, and use licensed, insured vendors who will communicate well with your tenants. Don’t avoid making repairs, even if they seem minor. Ignored maintenance requests will result in unhappy tenants who are anxious to leave.

Check In from Time to Time

If the only reason you call your tenants is to remind them that rent is late, you’re not going to have very happy residents. Check in from time to time. Ask if there’s anything they need. If there’s an earthquake or a period of drenching rain, send a message or make a phone call to make sure they’re okay. Be attentive if you want happy tenants.

Provide a Quiet and Private Living Space

Don’t hassle the tenants and show up at the house every few weeks. It’s annoying and invasive.

Your tenants want to be left alone to enjoy the privacy and quiet of their home. While conducting an inspection during the course of the tenancy is reasonable, schedule it well in advance.

Evaluate all Rental Increases

When you have a tenant who is performing well and paying rent and taking care of the home, you want to keep that tenant. Most tenants expect a modest increase when the lease renews, but don’t go crazy. Rent control laws will probably keep your increases in check, but keep your rental amount competitive, especially if you want to keep the tenants you currently have.

Managing your LA County rental propertyThese are just seven of the ways we manage our tenant relationships and keep our residents happy. If you’d like some help managing your LA County rental property, please contact us at Bell Properties.