We Love Realtor Referrals - LA County Property Management

At Bell Properties, we have outstanding relationships with our owners, our tenants, our vendors, and our other community partners.

We also have excellent relationships with our Realtor partners.

Why? Because we provide high quality property management services when their clients need to rent out a property. Let’s talk about how our referral program works.

Referring Real Estate Clients to Bell Properties

The Realtors we work with refer their clients to us for a number of reasons. Perhaps a client wants to sell a property but the current market is competitive, and they cannot find a buyer willing to pay the amount they’re hoping to earn on the home. Or, perhaps a client is purchasing a new home or moving out of state but wants to earn more equity in the current home before putting it on the sales market. Whatever the situation, you can count on Bell Properties to astonish your clients with effective rental management and impressive customer service. Our experience, systems, and responsiveness makes you look like a genius to your real estate clients.

How the Realtor Referral Program Works

We keep the process simple. When you send us a client referral, we get in touch with the client. We introduce ourselves, explain how we work, and get started providing a successful and profitable rental experience for all parties. We’ll ensure our mutual client is well taken care of throughout the entire leasing process. We will discuss how much rent they can potentially earn, how long it will take to rent the property, what we’ll do to maintain the home, and how we’ll market to and screen tenants. We’ll sign a management contract and get to work finding your client a high quality tenant in a short amount of time.

Then, we’ll pay you a commission. Once a tenant is placed and a lease is signed, you’ll earn 25 percent of the first month’s rent. Considering we rent out some of the most desirable properties in the best Los Angeles neighborhoods, you could earn thousands of dollars on the referrals you send us.

Why Realtors Should Refer Clients to Us

We will protect the relationship you have with your clients. When you turn someone over to us, we’ll be completely focused on the management of their rental home. As soon as your clients indicate they want to sell the property or buy something else, we’ll send them right back to you, and you can do what you do best – buy and sell real estate.

Renting out homes is a lot different than selling homes. You don’t want to leave your clients to manage their own property, and you don’t want to get trapped into doing it yourself. While you could easily find a tenant and collect rent, things get complicated if the security deposit isn’t managed properly or a maintenance emergency wakes the tenants up in the middle of the night. You need to understand fair housing laws and the difference between a pet and a service animal.

Why Realtors Should Refer Clients to UsWe’re ready to work with you and provide your valued clients with an incredible rental experience. Contact us at Bell Properties, Inc., and let’s talk about how we can work together.