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What Needs to be Included in Your LA County Lease Agreement

 A lease agreement is a contract that you sign with your tenants, stipulating the terms and conditions of the tenancy. It protects you. It protects your property. It protects your residents. You need a lease that’s detailed and specific. Make sure it’s legally compliant and enforceable in California and your specific California County. There’s a lot that needs to be included in your lease, so let’s take a look at the most pertinent pieces of information you need.

Rent Collection Policies

  • Every lease agreement needs a rent collection policy that reflects the basics:
  • How much rent is due
  • When rent should be paid
  • How rent should be paid and any fees for various payment methods
  • What happens if it’s late
With California’s new rent control laws, you’ll also want to make sure your lease reflects whether the property being rented is subject to or exempt from the various rent control measures.

Who Does What? Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities

A good lease will be clear about what you’re responsible for as a landlord, such as maintenance and habitability, and what your tenant is responsible for, such as utilities and air filter changes. Here’s a tip: make sure your lease reflects how maintenance should be reported if there’s a repair issue. Should they call you? Use their online portal? Put the process in writing.

Rules, Requirements, & HOA Regulations

Rules, Requirements, & HOA RegulationsThe lease needs to identify what is allowed and what isn’t allowed in your LA County rental property. If you don’t want any smoking, make sure the lease prohibits it. If you don’t want more than one car per resident parked outside, the lease should say that. Talk about a pet policy and guests. If your property is in an HOA or community association, include all the rules and regs. Don’t forget the basics, like contact information and the lease agreement’s start and end date. If you’d like some help finding just the right lease for your property, contact us at Bell Properties.