Why Owners Choose to Work with Bell Properties, Inc. in LA & Orange Counties

Whether you have one home that you’re renting out, an entire portfolio, or a homeowner’s association in need of support, Bell Properties has the experience and the talent to help you enjoy a pleasant and profitable rental experience. You have a lot of choices when it comes to property management in L.A. and Orange Counties. Today, we’re explaining what sets us apart from other companies, and how we bring the highest level of service to the local rental market.

Thorough and Efficient Leasing Process

Finding and placing a good tenant quickly is essential to your bottom line. A long vacancy period will cost you money, and placing the wrong tenant may ultimately end up in lost rent, eviction costs, and property damage.

We start with a strategic marketing process. Your home will be listed on multiple platforms, with a focus on internet marketing and online ads. Once we generate interest in your rental property, we’ll collect applications and thoroughly screen potential tenants. We look at credit and financial history, employment and income, and references from past landlords. Our standards are high, and we won’t hand over the keys until we’re comfortable we’ve found the most qualified tenant for your home.

Maintenance and Inspections Designed to Protect Your Asset

After the lease has been signed and the tenant is preparing to move in, we’ll conduct a thorough move-in inspection to document the condition of your home. This will include pictures and detailed notes. The move-in inspection will save us time and money after the tenant moves out and we’re deciding whether the security deposit will be returned. We want to see the property returned to us in the same outstanding condition.

At Bell Properties, we handle routine and emergency maintenance. Tenants submit maintenance requests directly to us. We assess the situation, send out the appropriate workers, and get the problem solved in the most affordable way. We protect the condition of your home and keep your tenants happy with a responsive, detailed-oriented maintenance process.

Legal Guidance and Ongoing Compliance

We rarely have to evict tenants because of our rigorous screening process. However, if an eviction becomes necessary, we understand the court process and take all the necessary steps to mitigate your financial loss. We stay up to date on all the state, federal, and local laws and regulations that pertain to rental properties. Fair housing laws, rent control issues in California, and habitability issues are all at the forefront of our professional development and continued education.

Our clients will tell you that we’re communicative, transparent, and innovative. We use the best technology and provide ongoing statements, reports, and access to your owner portal so you’re never wondering how your property is performing.

What makes us different?What makes us different? We do more than place tenants and collect rent. We’re here to guide you through the process of renting out an investment property to tenants. Our job is to help you earn more and spend less. That’s why owners enjoy working with us. If you have any questions or you’d like to discuss our services further, please contact us at Bell Properties, Inc.