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Enhancing Curb Appeal: Strategies for Attracting Tenants to Your Commercial Property

Does your commercial property need a curb appeal upgrade? If you have to stop and think about this question, it probably does. If you’re not attracting a lot of tenants or you’ve noticed that there are signs of deterioration and age, it might be time to make some improvements. 

Curb appeal isn’t just for residential homes and properties you’re trying to sell. You also want to implement curb appeal when you’re renting out a commercial property, even if it’s an industrial warehouse or a factory. As Southern California commercial property managers, Bell Properties can tell you that curb appeal is an essential tool when it comes to marketing your property, attracting tenants, and retaining those tenants. 

The first impression that a property gives to potential tenants and visitors can impact business growth. An attractive picture from the street or parking lot can increase what tenants are willing to pay to rent space in your property. Start with the parking lot and work your way towards the building. There’s a lot you can do to boost your property’s commercial curb appeal. 

Landscaping the Green Parts and Hardscaping the Hard Parts 

Landscaping is a term that just about everyone understands. You know it means keeping the trees trimmed and the grass green. Maybe your commercial space doesn’t have a lot of that aesthetic charm. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to the curb appeal. Engage in some hardscaping if there’s no greenery. Hardscaping is generally a term that refers to patios, walkways, retaining walls, pavilions, and pergolas - anything that’s found outside but doesn’t qualify as grass or greenery. 

Depending on the type of grounds that surround your commercial property, you’ll want to invest in better landscaping or clean, modern hardscaping. Or maybe, you’ll need to invest in both.

Maintaining a green, healthy landscape takes a lot of work, but there are ways to keep your Southern California commercial property looking lush when you want to grab the attention of visitors and potential tenants. If you have grass, you’ll have to invest the necessary resources to keep it trimmed and green. You’ll also want to make sure your trees, shrubs, and flowers are healthy and watered. This will require an outstanding partnership with a professional landscaping team. 

Here are a few things you can do to inspire better landscaping:

  • Trim back overgrown branches and bushes. 

  • Remove any dead or dying plants and foliage. 

  • Weed and mulch any flower beds.  

  • Fertilize any grass. 

When you have tenants who are likely to use the outdoor space, make it pleasant for them. A few picnic tables and benches will make it a lovely spot for your tenant’s employees to enjoy lunches and breaks. A walking path is a great way for those same employees to get a little fresh air and exercise when they’re stepping away from work for 10 minutes. Prospective tenants will notice and appreciate these details as they’re deciding whether or not to rent your property. 

For the hardscaping, the idea is to make it clean, safe, and appropriate for the type of property you’re renting out. Asphalt and cement surfaces need to look good and should be kept free of trash, debris, and dirt. You’ll want to have enough trash receptacles outside of the building. If there’s a dumpster, make sure it’s secure and that there’s no trash gathering around it. 

As you can imagine, landscaping and hardscaping are the first steps to enhancing your commercial property's curb appeal. A well-landscaped property can draw the attention of potential clients and investors and ensure that they continue doing business with you. Look for commercial landscapers who can give your property the care and attention it needs. When you get on a regular service contract with them, you’ll reduce your costs and ensure that things do not fall into disrepair as the seasons change or your property sees more traffic. 

Pay Attention to Paint Quality 

Another way to enhance your commercial property's curb appeal is by applying a fresh coat of paint. The paint color of your property should reflect your brand and the type of business you are running. If you rent out retail space, for example, you want something that will attract the attention of potential shoppers. If you’re renting out an office building, choose something more conventional and professional. 

Painting your property can also improve its longevity, protect it from harsh weather, and increase its market value.

Invest in good quality paint. You’ll want to avoid repainting every few years; so choose something that’s durable as well as attractive. 

Update Your Southern California Commercial Property Signage 

Signs need to look good, especially to keep your commercial tenants satisfied with the building and the service they’re receiving from you. When you have signs that are fading, chipped, broken, or missing letters, your entire building is going to look unprofessional. And, your tenants are going to be displeased that their business is being represented with such little care. 

Don’t give your tenants and their customers a reason to not do business with you. Those signs are what they’re looking for when they’re driving or walking to your building for the first time. Those signs are how customers and employees are identifying where they need to go in order to reach your tenant’s place of business. 

Clean your signs. Power wash them and, if necessary, replace them. LED signs, for example, are bright and attention-grabbing. 

It’s critical that the signs at your commercial property represent your brand and your tenants’ brands.  They need to be visible from a distance. An old, outdated, or faded signage is simply unnecessary. It's important to maintain and replace your property's signage whenever it is necessary.

In addition to the signs, think about your other amenities and fixtures. Are they up to your standards and those of your tenants? 

The fixtures and amenities of your commercial property are essential to improve the curb appeal. These could be entry doors, light fixtures, or other commercial-grade items. Are the elevators clean and operational?

Invest in Quality Lighting

Good lighting is essential for a number of reasons. 

  • It keeps your commercial property safe

  • It draws attention to your business and the businesses your tenants are running

  • It even sets a mood for the tenants who may rent space and the customers that they attract. 

  • It reduces your liability and risk, keeping your property safer. 

Parking lots and outdoor spaces should be well-lit, and you want to make sure common areas and elevators have good lighting as well. 

Keep Southern California Commercial Properties Clean

Cleanliness should never be an afterthought. No one wants to visit a commercial space where garbage is piling up outside of trash receptacles, windows are dirty, and debris is floating all over the grounds. You’re trying to make a great first impression, and that’s hard to do if everything isn’t clean and tidy. 

Power wash the building, contract with a window-cleaning service, and make sure you have a good cleaning crew who comes in to take care of making everything look good. Educate your tenants on what you expect from them in terms of cleaning and maintaining their units. 

Parking and Potholes 

Take care of potholes in the parking lots. 

Potholes are unsafe; they can cause damage to cars and they can also be trip and fall hazards when people are walking from the parking lot to your building and back. Safety is the most important reason that you want to fill those potholes, of course, but you also have to consider this: potholes are ugly. They’re going to take away from any lovely landscaping or sharp building design that you’ve invested in to boost your curb appeal. 

The parking lot needs to be easy for tenants and their visitors to navigate. There shouldn’t be a lot of potholes. Parking spaces should be clearly marked. There should be adequate lighting. 

Potholes hurt your business. People will avoid your parking lot and eventually, your reputation will suffer. 

Always invest in repairing potholes. Not only is it a good maintenance policy, it’s also cost-effective. A pothole may indicate there’s a bigger problem with water damage or land formation. Ignoring the pothole will cost you a lot more money in the long run. If there are potholes in that parking lot, you’re drawing attention away from all your great efforts at aesthetically pleasing curb appeal. You’re sending a message that you don’t really care about safety or the vehicles of your visitors. Don’t send that message. 

Contact Property ManagerAt Bell Properties, we believe that a commercial property's curb appeal should not be overlooked or minimized. We believe it can impact your business growth directly. Investing time and resources in enhancing your commercial property's exterior can lead to a profitable return. By implementing these key tips, you can improve the appearance of your property, attract customers and investors, and increase the market value of your commercial property.

Let’s talk about how we can make a difference in your Southern California commercial property’s curb appeal. Contact our team at Bell Properties Commercial Real Estate.